According to the ancient stories of Greece, the Phoenicians were the first inhabitants of our mesmerizing island, beautiful Syros. The ancient Phoenicians were so stunned by the island’s lingering beauty that they named the island OUSYRA meaning ‘happy’ which eventually came to be known as SYROS.

Let us introduce you OUSYRA.

OUSYRA is where it all began, in the feeling of happiness, pleasure and home. OUSYRA is who we are and how we want to make every person coming to our restaurant feel. Let us tell you a story, about the people, the scents, the culture…Let us introduce you OUSYRA.

Nikos Pouliasis

Executive Chef

Nikos Pouliasis was the owner and chef of the legendary restaurant Koukoumavlos in Santorini for 40 years, and he has been awarded many times with the Golden Chef’s Hat. He is known for his unique ability to “reinvent” himself, thus managing to create innovative and original menus using local and organic ingredients. In recent years, he has been living in Syros, where our collaboration for this year emerged!

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